Repeal 50-a Public Hearing

10/24/2019 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM ET


The State Senate has announced two hearings in October regarding the repeal of 50-a, one of the #SaferNYAct priorities. The hearings are scheduled for October 17th in New York City and October 24th in Albany.

NYS CRL 50-a is a state statute that carves out special and unnecessary exemptions for police, fire and corrections. NYS is arguably the worst in the nation in terms of hiding police misconduct and discipline. 50-a is routinely used to shield abusive officers and failed police disciplinary processes from public view. A repeal of 50-a would provide much needed transparency on police misconduct and discipline in New York State, and help address the systemic lack of accountability for officers who engage in misconduct. Other existing FOIL statutes will continue to protect individual officer privacy once 50-a is repealed.

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