Defund The Police

Defund The Police Invest In Communities

  • A commitment from the City & County to transition funds away from policing and into the programs that address the root causes of crime. 
    • Remove Police from Kingston City School District
      • An immediate and permanent cancellation of contracts with Kingston Police Department, Ulster Police Department and all law enforcement.
      • A commitment to reinvest funds into Mental Health and Community Resources for the children in the district.
    • Invest in our communities by moving resources to support:
      • Non Carceral Mental Health programs and support
      • Non Carceral Drug Rehabilitation programs and support
      • Renter Protections
      • Non Police Mobile Crisis Intervention. 
    • Reduction of Kingston Police Department Budget: Removal of Police Response from Mental Health Calls, Welfare Checks, Non-Violent Crimes, Car Accidents and Eviction. 
    • Reduction of Ulster County Sheriff Department: Review by the NYS Commission on Corrections to reduce capacity and staffing levels and lessen the costs of operations. Healthcare and food service contracts should be adjusted based on actual average daily censuses. 

I have had negative interactions with Police Officers
I am a victim of Police Brutality
My family/friends are victims of Police Brutality
I'm formerly incarcerated
I have family members currently or formerly incarcerated
Yes, I'm a Person of Color
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